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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Children’s Day Speech
Good Morning Friends….I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is   Zainab I’m 9 years old and studying 4th std in markaz public school. I am here to tell you that there is hope.
While there is life there is always hope.
Many of the children in the world  especially in African Countries even in India also, have been abused,Abandoned, Tortured, Mistreated or Neglected.
Yes, many of them may not have been treated with the respect and dignity every human being
deserves; but are instead subjected to violence, poverty, racism and the ignorance of adults.
We are the future leaders of tomorrow. We are all equal and deserve respect, special care and
Child abuse is so rampant in South Africa,there we can see widespread killings, sexual abuse, beating, drugs and other related phenomena.
I was shocked to hear that in South Africa a child is raped every five minutes and child abuse has
rocketed by 108% since 1993, according to the National Council for Child and Family Welfare.
These statistics are shocking and represent a National Disgrace.
The supreme law of India, which is the constitution, guarantees that all people under the
age of 18 has children’s rights.
You have the right to be a child
You have the right to be cared for by your parents and family.
You have the right to healthy food.
You have the right to health care when you are feeling sick.
You have the right to be protected and to feel safe.
You have the right to education.
If you have a disability you have the right to special care.
The tide has turned, we NEED to build a safer and more secure India for all Children.
You all have the right. Remember, preventing crimes against children is everybody’s business.
‘It’s your right SPEAK OUT
If you feeling threatened, tell someone you trust. Never allow abuse to become a secret between
you and the abuser.
If you have already been abused, do not protect them Report it.
We can no longer remain silent. We have rights.
Lets join hands,Lets stand up, we are the future leaders of this beautiful
country. Let the Children of Markaz Public Scool lead by example.
Speak out and stand up for your rights.
 As our former UNO secretary General Kofi Annon says “There is no trust more Sacred than the one the world holds with children.
There is no duty more important than ensuring their safety and rights are respected, that their
welfare is protected, that their live are free from fear and that they grow up in peace”
“Peace be with you all”
Remember you are never alone. There is always someone willing to help you and listen to you

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